Family of 5 Animals Need Home Kept Together

“Special Case”


This family 5 pets were rescued from the care of an elderly woman that was

forced into assisted living and later passed away at 94 years old. Her last will to

Healingcats Animal Rescue was they were to all be kept together as a family if at all possible.

So far Healingcats Rescue has managed to foster the 5 remaining seniors

and honor the owners wish in keeping them all together. All 5 are elderly with various health issues.

If you have the means and the right property to foster or adopt this family of 5 and keep them together:

please contact Healingcats Animal Rescue Effort.   Scroll Down for Pictures and Info


Scootch Doggie

(10 yr old)

Scootch has become a bit of the mascot for Healingcats because the

rescue effort began when scootch dog first needed medical attention.

Seen here with Healingcats Animal Rescue Founder Doug Adams.



Scootch Dog was diagnosed this year with Congestive Heart Failure and is being treated by

Dr. Dan Cowden of “A Pets Place” in Clearwater, FL,  (click link for A Pets Place Info)

Dr. Cowden is the Offical Veterinarian for the rescue. Scootch Doggies heart condition

caused her spells of coughing and whimpering and pain to the point she could barely get up or walk.

Special Thanks to Dr. Cowden Scootch Doggie is doing much better now.

Click here for videos of scootch doggies heart condition


Black Mercy Cat

(14 yr old)

Black Mercy Cat is 14 and weighs 27 lbs. Mercy is doing well aside from a cataract in one eye.

The elderly owner used to comment about Mercy Cat being “Belly Up”


White Angel Cat

(16 yr old)

Seen here with healingcat founder Doug Adams the white angel cat is a jewel

with her one blue green eye and one yellow eye, she is known as a “Turkish Van”. White Angel cat

 is being screened at this time for cancer, she has a very large hard lump tumor on her back.



IROC the Turtle

(35 yr old)

Yes IROC the turtle was among the beloved pets in the family and is now 35.

IROC was hatched in the garden of the woman’s home in Orlando 35 years ago.

IROC is a Gulf Coast Box Turtle (the largest of the Box Turtles) and is in perfect health,

easy to maintain and will outlive us all, they are known to reach 100 years of age under good conditions.



Scamp Cat

(8 yr old)

The Black Scamp Cat (with patch of white on his belly) is the baby of the family

and the last to be adopted by the woman, he was rescued as a feral kitten just out of the litter.

Scamp currently is being screened for a cloudy pussing eye problem.



As you can see these animals are a loving family unit and have never been separated




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